"Internal error" when saving settings after initial setup

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"Internal error" when saving settings after initial setup

MySQL perms to the DB are al,l except grant, and usage only in global privs.
setup directory was removed, and include/ktk-config.php set to 644, per instructions.
Logging in via phpAdmin I can see the database and make changes. As a test, I changed `isonline` from '0' to '1' as the Katak database user, and the config was changed.
MySQL running on localhost, and security setup accordingly.
MySQL user & password verified in ktk-config.php. I've even created a new user to verify.
I granted all privs to DB user, still nothing. Used my admin user, and got the same result.

While I'm sure this is most likely a simple fix, I'm baffled.

Any help would be appreciated.