Katak-support is a ticket support system, working via WEB and e-mail.
Our idea is to maintain the system effective and efficient but simple. Easy for the user but also easy for the coder: The KISS principle! And, of course, the system is open source.

  • An installation script will automatically install the support ticket software for you. All you have to do is to upload the files onto your website, create a database and open the installation page.
  • A unique ticket ID is assigned to each ticket. The client can use the ticket ID along with their email address to open the status page to see their own tickets, to post new questions on the topic and see all admin replies.
  • Configurable email notifications for new and updated tickets. Email is sent to the operators and to the client to notify that ticket has been received or replied.
  • Tickets can be assigned to operators in charge of solving.
  • The system supports an unlimited number of operators, each with their own role, configuration and access permissions.
  • Supports departments: Ticket and operators can be assigned to different departments.
  • Tickets support states (open, answered, closed, overdue) and priorities (low, normal, high, critical).
  • Email integration allows tickets to be created and updated via email, with support for attachments.
  • Tickets search functionality.
  • Multilingual system. The system admin can set the language of the support system. He can choose a different language for the admin/operator control panel and the external client´s interface.