Problem to view ticket Text

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Problem to view ticket Text

I have a problem with a ticket view pages.
This page insert "Ticket created by staff" in the text field instead real ticket text
I see database ktk_ticket_message table
When add some new ticket with staff-page/create-new-ticket-link ticket text in msg_type field set to "F" instead "R"
Of course it is randomly and sometimes it is works.
how i can fix that ?!

Thank you so much & sorry for bad English

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A ticket created by a staff member has always the text "Ticket created by staff", and the issue is instead shown as a message in the ticket thread.
This is because a staff member has no reasons to open a ticket for his own (in this case he/she can open a ticket from the normal front-end of katak) but can create it on behalf of a customer. The customer then will recognize that the ticket has been created by the staff.

A ticket created by the staff will than always have two messages in the database, one of type "F" with the message: "Ticket created by staff" and one type "R" with the messages containing the actual text of the ticket.

Hope this helps!